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Post-Report of the 15th International Exhibition SuluExpo - Almaty 2018
5 - 7 April 2018, Almaty, Atakent Exhibition Center, 11a Pavilion

  The 15th International Specialized Exhibition for Beauty Industry SuluExpo 2018 was held on April 5-7 in Almaty. The SuluExpo exhibition is a meeting place for manufacturers, distributors, professionals and experts of the beauty industry. Exhibiting companies were from Russia, Italy, Turkey, Korea, China, the UAE, Latvia, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. The exhibitors presented various brands of professional and natural cosmetics, perfumes, equipment, innovative cosmetic products, new types of services, the latest achievements in the field of cosmetology and aesthetic medicine, hairdressing, permanent make-up and tattoo. Distributors, heads of beauty salons and specialists from different cities and regions of Kazakhstan, Russia and Kyrgyzstan, including Taraz, Taldykorgan, Karaganda, Pavlodar, Uralsk, Bishkek and Moscow visited the Exhibition to learn more about the novelties and be aware of all the events of the beauty industry.

1  All 3 days of the exhibition, the Eurasian Association of Injection Experts, represented in Kazakhstan by the Public Association "Kazakhstan Society of Mesotherapy" (KOMTI), Kazakhstan, Almaty, continued its project aimed at providing information to the Kazakhstani people on effective and safe procedures in aesthetic medicine. The project was started within the frame of SuluExpo-Astana 2016 exhibition in 2016. A seminar of this project in Almaty covered the issues as follows: "Unique GERnetic International cosmetic agents for solving various aesthetic face and body problems" and "Quick result - peptide mesotherapy. Apriline meso is a new generation of mesococtails for solving the problems of young skin, anti-age therapy and hair." In addition, together with the Organizers, a Vacancy Fair was organized for the first time to select young and ambitious specialists in the field of cosmetology. 

An open master-class and a show performed by the World Champions on hairdressing art - Kira Gonchar (Russia, Moscow), Venera Koshanova (Kazakhstan, Karaganda), visage and body-art - Victoria Stanevich (Kazakhstan, Almaty) became a bright event of the exhibition.

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 The Show annualy performed at our Fair was once again held by the leading hairdressers and residents of Prosvivrin Studio and the guru of hairdressing art, the OMC class judge and coach, the coach of the Kazakhstan national hairdressing team - Alexey Prosvirin (Almaty, Kazakhstan). Hairstyles for hair of different types and lengths of hair, a program of treatment and restoration of hair structure with the help of innovative BES products were demonstrated at The Exhibition.
  A group of interested nail-stylistics visited a free master-class on "Apparatus manicure and French on TM Nail Best materials" performed by the international instructor, certified judge of SPIKR (The Union of Hair and Nail Stylists of Russia) and the chief technologist of TM Nail Best - Natalia Badamshina (Russia, St. Petersburg). All nail-stylists who visited the exhibition had the opportunity of getting a master class on plane modeling with gel-plasticine performed by Artex company in the person of Oksana Eremenko, a certified instructor of the NART school of Angelina Bazan (Russia, Moscow).
  Dark Horse salon of art tattoo (Kazakhstan, Almaty) organized unforgettable and impressive master-classes on the main stage and at the stand. The master-classes were performed by tattoo masters and the Champion of Kazakhstan on permanent make-up - Uagiza Salykova. 

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SuluBoom lottery drawn among the experts of the beauty industry registered at the exhibition has become an annual tradition. Thus, various premium cosmetic sets, manicure tools, hair care products, which were provided by the exhibitors, were drawn this year.

In addition, the following companies performed non-stop master - classes:

Medex (Russia, Moscow) - the Company performed master - classes on the concept and philosophy of the brand p\Hformula. Chemical biorevitalization. Acids and their characteristics. The concept of pH and pKa acids. Unique formulas for multi - acid peels pHformula. A collection of combined tecniques for chemical biorevitalization for the prolongation of the result. Intensive home care as the key to the success of skin renewal / regeneration. A range of pre-and post-peeling preparations.

9Laboratory GS Group (Russia, Moscow) - a master - class on "Application of professional alginate masks. Unique properties of alginic acid".

Green Matrix (Russia, St. Petersburg) - TM Green Matrix Prof cosmetics for body care. Presentation of TM Green Matrix sugar paste.

Sointera Institute of Beauty (Russia, Balashikha) - demonstration of modern tecniques of hair dyeing to create a clean, even color. TOTAL - BLOND

NanoProfessional (Russia, Kazakhstan, Talgar) - nail biolamination with silicone gel from NanoProfessional. Nail design with magnetic powder. Demonstration of Make up for nails.

  The following professional and local media covered the SuluExpo exhibition:
- Specialized journal in the field of medicine, pharmacy and beauty Akademia Zdoroviya KZ;  
- New TV channel; 
- Russian specialized journal Hair's how.  

  On the final third day of the exhibition the exhibitors could admire the view of the Zailiysky Alatau mountains, having visited a specially organized tour to Medeo and Shymbulak.
   According to the majority of participants, the SuluExpo exhibition was successful. The companies found distributors, new partners, increased the ustomer base and had the opportunity to assess the competitiveness of their products. As a result, the Exhibition Organizers and Exhibitors hope for the further successful development of the exhibition and its becoming a leading exhibition for beauty industry in the region, which will be held in Astana, 8 -10 November 2018, Korme Exhibition Center.

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